Slow Right Ball Screw?

Machine is square and on battery backup/line conditioner.

First initialization went fine.

Ran “Hello World” and suddenly the machine is failing its homing cycle.

The errors I am getting are:

“Machine controller restarted unexpectedly and may be in an undefined state.”
“GRBL Error: Dual Y Homing Failed, couldn’t find limit switch”
“Homing Cycle Failed”

Looks like the right side ball screw is “behind” (as in slower) than the left.

Shut down machine. Manually move to point where sensors engage. Turn machine back on. Try to initialize. Errors.

“GRBL Error: Homing Failed, pull off didn’t clear”

Tried removing the hybrid table and loosening one side of the 4 baseframe members to allow for any tension to release and nothing.

Please let us know about this difficulty at and we will do our best to assist.

Not sure if this is the only problem I have, but the couplers on the right ball screw were loose and caused the slack in the right side. Tightened up and that got fixed. Also tightened up the X axis coupler and “touch off” was able to initiate and now I have an initialized machine!!!

Stopped. Then reinitialized and I thinkhope my problems are solved?


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