Small black bolt 7mm x 3.9mm dia fell from router then started smoking!

Hey guys,

I have been playing with my SO4 for a couple months now. Everything has been going perfect without any hiccups until today. I was about 15 minutes into a standard pocket cut with an 1/8"d end mill on 1/8" MDF workpiece.

I was reading next to my machine when I suddenly noticed a small black bold on the workpiece (the only reason it didn’t get sucked up by the shop vac was because I need to clean it… suction was a tad lower than usual haha).

I paused the SO4 immediately after noticing. There was only a subtle “bumping” sound but everything seemed to be spinning in the router accordingly and it was still cutting accurately. I hesitantly restarted the router. It started off fine, but began making the bumping noise once again. I let it run for maybe 10 seconds to see if it would play out but it seemed to start to vibrate. I stopped the program. It seemed there was a little smoke coming out of the router (I have the standard Carbide router purchased through carbide 3d). Any suggestions for a fix before I start tinkering away would be greatly appreciated :smile:

Got a picture?


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Magic smoke leaving the router could indicate bad brushes or a winding going bad or even a bearing.

If it is under warranty C3D will cover it. Call them and send an Email.

The bolt ?grub screw? could be an oil port on the "Z:

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Thanks for the heads up! Im not sure why I didn’t think of contacting the company… It wouldnt hurt to try any ways haha I’ll be checking on the brushes today.

Turns out I messed up twice. 1) I didnt take a picture 2) I may have lost the bolt after measuring it… I guess I’ll be cleaning out my vacuum today in shame haha

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