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Sorry, newbie question. The second thing I am building with my Shapeoko3 XL is a small chest that Edward posted on Cutrocket:

My question is regarding the dimensions for the slots and the “tabs” (I am not referring to the type of tab that holds the waste left from an inside cut, but rather the male section which is inserted into a slot) If my stock is, say, 0.500” thick, the file is set up, I think, to mill (leave alone at 0.500”) the Z dimensions of both tabs and slots to a thickness of 0.500”. That would assemble, of course, but I could swear I read somewhere that you should mill the interlocking pieces to have an interference fit, meaning, mill the female slot, say, 0.010” under 0.500”. I can’t find the post again, but, am I overthinking this? Should the parts be milled to for an interference fit? Is it an issue of “good enough” vs. “ideal”?



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For this sort of joinery, I’ve always found it best to plan out all the cuts, identify a reasonable size piece as scrap, and cut test slots for it in each direction (X and Y) and adjust based on that.

It needs to fit tightly enough to hold together but be open enough that fitting together isn’t impossible.

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Thanks, Will. That hadn’t occured to me.



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