Small indention when generating Finish Path

Hi all,
I am seeing small lines on the topmost (left hand side) of this rainbow after the finish path is generation. I tried running the job thinking that this is how it displays on the simulator, but these indentations show up on my work piece. Any ideas what might cause this.
Thanks John
Test.c2d (3.2 MB)

Can you show a picture / screenshot with the indentations you are referring to highlighted?

The vectors that make up the rainbow stripes have a lot of nodes, and are not strictly smooth…???

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I tried recreating ring with a lot fewer vectors, but it still did the same thing.
Thanks Tod, for taking the time to look at it.

Seems to be an issue with toolpath calculation interacting with stepover — if you greatly increase stepover (making it much smaller) you instead get:

Thanks, I give it a try