Small Print Text on Metals

Starting to understand that somethings in small print are best done with a laser. I have a project id really like to attempt and it involves small print on metal. The font size will be roughly 0.125" - 0.250"
What are my options here?..
Small endmill?
If both are an option, please explain why you would choose one over the other.

The choice of metal is optional but i would prefer this done on copper. Having said that, what ‘type’ of copper is best to ‘carve small text’ cleanly.

Lots of questions i know, i swear ill at least do the labour haha

Thanks for your time
Be safe

Have you considered engraving w/ a diamond drag tool such as our M.C. Etcher?


Laser-marking metals typically requires high-power fiber or yag lasers. Marking fluids like Cermark allow you to deposit a layer that fuses to certain metals.

Some combos are a big no-no. For example lasering copper with a CO2 laser will likely result in the destruction of the laser head, as copper is a mirror for the IR wavelengths in which CO2 lases.

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I have done some fine ultra tiny engraving on a watch case that I made on the Shapeoko. The text size was as small as 0.030" Here is the link:


I have not tried this yet @WillAdams
I just checked the site and it seems like a must have item :slight_smile:

@dwardio thank you for the information. Good to know!

@RichCournoyer impressive. You made it look easy!

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