Small project says 1100+ minutes for 8"x10"

Hi everyone, hope everyone is well. Long story short… military friend happens to be Muslim. It is Ramadan (I guess kind of like Christmas for Christians). So made this small project. Not getting a lot right. I wanted to install tabs, cut the outsides, use whatever bit is needed (CC says only a V cutter can be used to enhance details). When the simulation finally worked and it is close to what I want… I have more problems
1.) 1100+minutes in work time ( I can cut this by hand Quicker lol)
2.) still missing a through cut for outside and tabs. (when I add it, change depths, it cuts off track, and adding tabs stopped all the work and i couldn’t even get a simulation)
3.) the simulation is close but was really hoping for more detail. I know Shapeoko is capable.

couple notes. I have BITS galore. I have currently over 100. Ranging in size to .030 to 1.160 in cutting width. I have bullnose, downcutting, v-carve, engravers in 10deg,15,20,30 in 1/16 1/8 1/4 and 1/2 . So i have concluded:
Since I have more than likely the best home CNC ever & Bits everywhere, = the problem is ME lol
I have attached the file, any pointers would be great. (694.8 KB)

Can you post the actual design file instead of the gcode?


Copy that… let me get back to the house

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my apologies we had a customer have an emergancy shut down. we also have major turn arounds coming up. Currently putting in 158 hrs every 2 weeks so I am going to be delayed in answering sometimes. is this the right file?
ramadan.c2d (1.9 MB)

Advanced V carving may result in a more complex toolpath than normal V carving — since you’re not using pocket clearing you can inset by the width which Carbide Create will need to cut to reach the specified depth:


You have my Impressment. I knew it was me. lol Was the bit and speed ok for this? I will try the adjustments know, unless is there a way for you to send that 116 min file to me? so i can compare and figure out where i went wrong? Also with the over time coming up i will have some extra money. What is your opinion on CC3d pro? (i noticed on the screen shot that is what you have) and fusion 360, aspire, etc?

ok so first and second screens i have no idea where those are at or how you got to those. my screen still shows blank.

Design tab and “Offset Vectors”


ramadan_inset.c2d (1.9 MB)

I work for the company, so have Carbide Create Pro thus.

Fusion 360 I’ve never tried because of a bad experience dealing w/ Autodesk back when I worked for a small computer reseller which tried to get an Autodesk reseller license ages ago.

Aspire is a competing program — I bought Vectric Vcarve Desktop back when it had a feature which Carbide Create at that time didn’t — it worked fine for the project I needed it for, but aside from testing, haven’t used it yet. Mostly I do mechanical designs, so use Block/OpenSCAD:

and I use Macromedia Freehand for interactive drawing — but you should use either Inkscape or Serif’s Affinity Designer.

well I want to build up to making things like the Air Force Coin Holders, Signs, and things on the home page. Maybe CC3d is the way to go also, it comes with lots of preloaded artwork also?

No luck, it worked to make the offset and now i get the same error

Thank you for the file, I see you changed bits and reduced the depth. I can now go back and add a vector line outlining the two shapes and cutting them out. Your are awesome!

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