Small shop vac for apartment?

I just got a Nomad, and I’m looking for a small shop vac that I can use in my apartment, any recommendations? I will be milling mostly aluminum
If I could use it to replace my regular stick vacuum, even better!


I like to use the aquarium air blast method to clear the chips then vacuum the chips after rather than listen to my vac and the cnc cutting at the same time unless i’m cutting wood but that is rare.

I use a dewalt shop vac and it has been great but they are not cheap.

Any small household vacuum should be fine for cleaning up cuts on a Nomad — if you want to splurge you could get a Festool CT Midi and an Oneida Ultimate Dust Deputy which will keep you from having to constantly replace bags and filters (that’s what I bought in a noise-induced, migraine-fueled range), but you can do as well or better w/ a quiet vacuum such as a Fein or Ridgid and a Dustopper or DIY cyclone and some sweat equity.

I’ve been considering getting a Makita LXT vacuum and the tiny cyclone which goes w/ it.

Ditto on the aquarium pump method. Quiet chug of the aquarium pump beats the loud whine of a shop vac for multiple hours in an apartment. Pondered the Festool CT Sys (because minimal size is critical) but the cost put me off. Already had the Dewalt 2 gallon portable wet/dry vac so that is what I use for cleanup.

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Another vote for the aquarium pump + shop vac for clean up. I specifically went for the Hailea V60 pump and it’s been excellent, much better than the wimpy model I tried first.

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