Small vfd for router control

Hi guys,

Just ordered a xxl and starting to get prepared for its arrival.

I have an old hitachi m6sb trimmer seems very close to the makita and doesn’t have any speed control so I was thinking of buying one of these to control the speed and start stop via the grbl controller.

Has anyone tried it or see any problems I may face.

I’m in Australia so the 220 volt is ok.

Cheers and have enjoyed reading all of your posts so far.


Why don’t you spend the money on a router with speed control instead? You will have less issues and won’t have to adapt an old router to the new setup.


Does that controller used feedback from the motor to detect load? The routers with a built-in speed control have a tach that senses when the motor is bogging down, to increase power and keep RPM’s consistent.

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That’s a router, so you need a router speed controller (used with single phase universal motors), not a VFD (used with 3 phase induction motors).

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Just buy a Makita to get you started Jason, readily available in Oz, this is just one supplier.

You don’t happen to live in Brisbane do you?


Ok. Thanks guys I will grab the makita will be easier I think and can get collets etc readily available. As that would have been my next problem I guess.

Complete other corner of the country. PERTH.


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the makita is an easy option to get started with, I originally bought two from Bunnings, and used the second as a palm router as it was designed, and to keep as a spare. Cheap, robust and simple option :+1:

I’ve since upgraded to an air cooled Huanyang spindle/VFD. cost me about $300 on Aliexpress. This is a good long term option as it gives me speed control and on/off control through gcode which makes the whole process a bit more seamless.

I was based in Tuart Hill in Perth, but have since moved east… I miss those West Coast beaches!

Adam’s Bits in Victoria has Makita collets at a reasonable price (and $2 postage also), unfortunately he doesn’t carry the 1/8" collet and I cannot find a local supplier of these. Also I am unsure about the runout. I work in wood without high tolerances so it’s not a problem for me.

Elaire Corp. in the US make low runout collets but they are expensive especially as the AU$ is so low now.

I miss those West Coast beaches!

Stuart, do you miss ‘The Doctor’ too?

Cheers, Patrick

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I would agree not to Frankenstein your machine. The Makita is brushless and had both the Imperial and Metric collets available. Here is the USA we are on the Imperial measurement but we can get the metric bits by ordering. Personally I see the logic of metric but still use Imperial because I have used it all my life and I am too old to change now. Is imperial still used some in Australia.

I believe you need the spacer for the Makita but I also think it ships with the Shapeoko. The Dewalt is sold worldwide and it also has metric and Imperial collets available. The Dewalt 611 does not need the collar (spacer) the Makita needs but my understanding is most of the spindle motors use the same diameter of the spindle body as the Makita so you would need the collar/spacer for them if you upgrade in the future.

Sorry I mis-spoke about the Makita. The AC version is not brushless, Only the battery operated one is brushless. I dont think the battery router is appropriate for the Shapeoko.

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Brushless Makita with external power works great in Shapeoko.


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