Smaller Vee cutter

Anyone know of a vee cutter smaller than 60 degree. I’m a newbie so. For more detail
Thank you

We sell a 30 degree V endmill in:

which I configured as:

The search term you want is “acute” and V endmills are normally available in increments of 15 degrees, so other options would be 45 and 15 degrees.

Ooooh ok. Thank you. I bought the 501 thinking that would work but nope. Lol.
Thanks again

The #501 is intended for PCBs — it can work for other purposes, including decorative work, but it has a rounded tip which Carbide Create doesn’t account for in its preview/tool setup.

Note that the default tool option in Carbide Create for the #45771 is as an Engraver which won’t work for V carving, hence the tool definition above.

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I have
90° x 1.0"
90° x .75"
90° x .25"
60° x .75"
60° x .25"
30° x .25"
15° x .25"
10° x .25"

The first number is the angle, the second number is the maximum diameter of the cutting area.
In CC if you select Engravers as the tool category there are a few options preloaded that are less than 60°

I have only used the 10° for a fine VCarve that was very small. It turned out great.

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