Smallest cutting tool for Nomad?

I am looking to do some very small milling, an aluminum coin face.

Can someone point me to the small cutting tool size / cutter that theroreticalyl could work?

I already own the .0625 cutter which is very small, does smaller exist?

Carbide 3D stocks the #122 .0312" Flat Cutter at

For micro-machining, the Precise Bits folks are the best resource I’m aware of: — let them know what you want to do and they’ll gladly help.


The smallest I have used is 0.015" (0.4mm was what I wanted… the imperial was a lot cheaper and within 20 microns nominal) ball end from McMaster. Cost about $30. I did a fine job on aluminum, but I tore it up on FR4 copperclad board (dulled out due to improper feed). Square end are a tad less expensive.

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smallest i use currently is 11 mil square end mill. i have also used 5 mil end mills this is only for etching PCB material.

T-Tech also has tools this small and good quality:

you can also find them at McMaster-Carr but not as small:

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