Smallest Deepest Dogbone cutting tool?

Can I please get advice on the smallest deepest Dogbone drilling tool out there and tips on what drilling style to use in Fusion 360 for this operation with my Shapeoko. I would like to get at least .6" deep into Red Oak and even 6160 aluminum with a 1 mm diameter? If this is not possible can someone give advice on what my designing limits are for sharp deep inside corners?
I spent an hour googling and really got nowhere…
Thank you very much!

You should be able to use any deep reach/long endmill for this — list of them at:

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Thank you Will,
My issue is depth, I am at .6 inches and the longest bit smaller then a .125 is only .5 inches doc.
Is there a low speed 65 mm spindle with a drill chuck?

I guess I could make pilot holes with the cnc and finish the depth with a drill press.

*found -Carbide Macro Drill Bits

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Check in with the Precise Bits folks — they seem to have the tiniest endmills and Harvey has a line of micro tools.

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Here is a 2.03mm - 0.75 DOC bit.

EDIT :. Found a 1mm - 0.634" DOC ball end bit.


That 1mm will reach for sure! I can use that to plunge .6 into Red Oak? Select the Peck method?

Thanks Guys, I ordered 3 of the 1 mm, I will let you know how it works out.

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