Smoking board when plugged in

Plugged my Shapeoko 4 in this morning and the control board started to smoke. Whats the warranty on these things?

I’m afraid that the warranty on Shapeokos is 90 days:

If you haven’t already, please contact and we’ll do our best to work this out with you.

A further note — please check your wiring — usually when a stepper driver chip is blown it’s caused by losing continuity while powered up — please remember to use the operating checklist:

When you say checking the continuity, do you mean just check that all the connections are stable? Or something else? I understand you check continuity with a multi-meter, but I just want to make sure I’m understanding what you’re implying correctly.

Ideally check continuity with a multi-meter. If you don’t have one, then a visual inspection will hopefully suffice.