Smoothing Curves in CC Pro

I’ve seen a bunch of “catch all” trays out there being made and am making one in the shape of the Yin Yang symbol for the house, but I’m running into an issue with the image I traced. The lines weren’t straight and the ones that I could straighten, I did but there are 2 spots I worked on for hours and stopped to ask if there was an easier way.

The 2 areas in red are where the issue is. The point on the top I could probably get with more hours of fidgeting, but the ones near the bottom middle have me stumped. can anyone provide any suggestions on how to clean these up? I’ve edited the nodes, but I can’t get the curves “straight”. They still have a jagged look to them.

.c2d file:
Yin Yang Tray.c2d (718.2 KB)

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

The paths in question are polylines (made up of many, many connected straight line segments):

These are tedious to work with, and it is best just to re-draw them in their entirety. Fortunately, the new Layers command makes this simple — for the sake of didaction we will re-draw everything:

Select everything and press the L key:

press the + button for a new layer:

and give it an appropriate name


click on the Ellipsis menu for the new layer:

and choose “Move selection to layer” and then repeat that, choosing “Lock”:


Select the Curve tool:

and click and drag at the top of one of the smaller circles:

and then again at each extreme point:

Zoom in and use Node Edit to adjust until it is adequately round/smooth — it may help to “Toggle Smooth”:

To line things up, it may help to draw in suitably even geometry:

(or of course, one could just draw in a circle and adjust its positioning/size)

Repeat with the Curve tool for each other shape:

and adjust each until things line up.

Or, I did a font which had this design:

Will finish this up presently.


With a bit of re-drawing we arrive at:


Yin Yang Tray_Redrawn.c2d (35.1 KB)

As always, thanks Wil! I’ll work on this when I get home.