Snapped Y Axis Belt on my Nomad Classic

My Y Axis belt snapped tonight. I just wrote Carbide3D support asking to see how I can replace it. Is there a list of parts for the Nomad Classic somewhere?. The belt has these letters 53AJ and it is made in Japan. There are also the numbers 220 and 221.

Any suggestions or info is welcome.

We’ll send you a replacement.

For the record these are:

​GT2 Belts
X axis, 742 teeth
Y axis, 994 teeth

​6mm wide I believe (EDIT: checked w/ the team, confirmed at 6mm wide)

​The Shapeoko uses the same sort, and that community has put together a list of suppliers:

Thank you @WillAdams!. Always there for all of us. Will check tomorrow morning into the WiKi. The specs are much appreciated!.