Snapped Y Axis Stepper Motor Axel

The axel of my Y stepper motor snapped. Second time this happens. My Y-axis belt also snapped not too long ago. I am wondering if there is something wrong with the tensioning of my Y-axis. Could it be coincidence?. Two stepper motors with a snapped axel?. I use my Nomad often but not even close to anything that could be considered running it hard. Any ideas?. No Y-axis stepper motors in stock at Carbide 3D. Buying replacement elsewhere. Help!!!

This is a picture of the snapped axel. I think it is the same thing that happened to the other motor that broke a little while back.

It snapped after the bearing so I’m inclined to think manufacturing error and not some belt over tensioning. Bad luck that happened twice to me?. Anyone else had this problem. I have a Nomad Classic.

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