So frustrated thinking about selling

I started out by trying to design some things for my wife’s Cricut machine. I downloaded Inkscape (it’s free) and I watched a bunch of tutorials on how to use it from Youtube. There are many out there. Most of them are quick 5-20 minute videos. I watched and played after each tutorial I watched. I am no expert, but I learned a ton of stuff on designs. Inkscape saves everything in an SVG format and you are able to import the SVG into Carbide create. I feel like after learning the basics on Inkscape, Carbide create was a breeze.

I am not saying thats the best way for everyone, but it sure did make my life easy when my Pro came.


I actually agree with you…of course, that kind of leaves those who don’t want to tinker (maybe not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t have the time to?) out in the cold and looking at other company’s products.

I point you back to Vectric’s documentation, Will. I’m honestly not comparing Carbide software to Vectric’s - because I truly believe you have no interest in competing there - but anything you can say about “CNC-ing” applies to them, as well…and they ARE going the extra mile to make good documentation - in addition to a rich set of online resources. Now, Carbide can say that they have no interest in investing in documentation - but they should just be upfront about it…so that guys like @DennisG (and any other who didn’t speak up) don’t walk away.

I repeat myself here…Carbide’s SUPPORT is far-and-away the BEST. You guys are awesome. I do believe you could be a lot less busy, support-wise, if you had better documentation - and could likely sell more hardware by expanding your demographic.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback here, the general thoughts and opinions dovetail well with some things we’ve got going on here. (Hopefully to be announced in the next month or so)

I’m going to close the thread because it’s getting circular but the feedback is great.

For others who might be reading this with feelings similar to Dennis, be sure to reach out on our contact page. We’re here to get you up and running however we can.