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A recent posting initiated my interest in the Beta version (v514) of CC, so I thought I’d have a play around with it, but (unsurprisingly) I have a couple of questions :smile::

  1. Is it OK to have both applications (v474 and v514) on my Mac, running them side by side? I’ve named the Beta version appropriately as they’re both in the Applications folder, but see the ‘back office’ part of the applications are shared, so I guess this means I probably shouldn’t?

  2. Is it possible (in either version) to copy a vector and save it as a single (*.svg?) file (or as an object in a database?), so it can be imported into other projects, copied between projects? Or is this a completely daft idea?

  3. Roughly how far is v5 off release?


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There will be official answers coming out soon, I’m sure…but I’ll give you my take:
I have both 474 and 514 on my machine (not Mac, but I believe it’s the same) and there are no issues. You can open either one. You can open projects created in 474 in 514 - but I have occasionally seen some interesting issues when you do. Going the other way is less supported, but I have done it successfully.

You can always export an SVG and import it - this will give you the basic structures of your design and go back and forth - but of course you don’t have modeling or toolpaths or grouping / naming of the components.

They were hot and heavy for quite a while on v5 beta - issuing releases even multiple times a day. That seems to have dropped off lately (maybe because of all the new product releases). 514 still has some defects that I would categorize as minor-major severity - and probably has another couple of releases to go before it’s really ready. As we haven’t seen a release in several weeks, I don’t know what that means for the actual golden version of v5.

That said, I’m ONLY using v5 now for my work - and it’s working very well.


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