So incredibly mad!

I am so frustrated with the whole probe thing. I’ve tried to keep my finger on the pulse of this but somehow I missed it and it is now sold out!. How many orders were filled?. An answer in a forum post is not the way to announce something that has been so discussed and so little information forwarded by Carbide3D. No Nomad version?. Why?. Arghhhhhh!!!

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Please accept our apologies about the way the probe release was handled — hopefully there will be a second batch soon which will be released more methodically, w/ suitable fanfare, and which will have the shop set up properly.

At a guess, no Nomad version since it already has a tool length sensor and one can use an edge finder, and it’s large enough to significantly take away from the working area.

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We wanted to give the folks in the probe thread a chance to buy before the announcement, but we sold out much quicker that we anticipated and that made an announcement moot. We’re gonna start working on a much larger batch.

The probe will work on a Nomad but we need to work up instructions, we should have those when the next batch is ready.
The Nomad hardware supports it, but to wire it up we have to drill a few strategic holes.


Thank you @Jorge and @WillAdams for responding. Won’t ask timeframe anymore. Seems pointless. When you mention drilling holes you mean in the case or in the board?.

You can make your own probe for a fraction of the cost, while you wait for more to be available. Not as sexy but every bit as functional.

That will work with Carbide Create?.

Afraid not. I use grbl-panel.

Here’s how I do it…

Thanks @Heathenx. I use a Apple Mac and like Carbide Motion. I tried Universal GCode Sender but it does not support GRBL1.1 yet.

UGS Platform version does support GRBL 1.1

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Sorry that video was so dark. I shot that video just for you and I was in a hurry. I cannot speak for Mac but I do use Universal Gcode Sender from time-to-time and my version does indeed work with grbl 1.1f.

All I am doing is jogging my spindle to close to the edges like Carbide 3D would have you do. Then I run my gcode that picks up the two edges and the surface. I learned how to do all this stuff from the forums.

I have tried it and I get things not working correctly. I have posted before about this and was lead to believe that UGCS would not work. Maybe it is because I own a Nomad Classic?. I own the Triquetra probe and had been looking into ways of integrating it into my workflow. Unfortunately, I never got it to work. I’ll try again this weekend.

I believe to get a version of UGS which supports Grbl 1.1 you need to download a nightly build, not the released version which is most readily downloaded.

There is a new probe plugin in the nightly version of UGS designed for the triquetra / carbide3d style corner probes. I shared a screenshot on this post. The nightly version supports GRBL 0.9 and GRBL 1.1. If you find otherwise let me know, it could be a bug and I try to fix those.