SO3 Aluminium Table and Upgraded Spindle Mount Plate

I’ve seen the odd aluminium table in various places around the internet… Does anyone knows when/how these were released? And if they will be available soon?

I also spotted this:

is this a custom spindle mount plate or are these also going to be sold as an upgrade?

I just finished upgrading mine with aluminium bars to improves stiffness but this is a much more elegant solution!

AIUI, the aluminum table sold out before it was announced. They’re working on making more available.

The spindle mount plate w/ the bends was a one-off — contact Carbide3D to lobby for it entering production.

Ah! thanks, much appreciated!

And the threaded table for the SO3 (and another for the Nomad) has just been announced:

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And sold out already! Is there perhaps a waiting list that we can get on, to make it easier to get one from a future batch without having to try to time it just right? I want one, but my efforts to check on availability have been hit-or-miss, and I’d like a more reliable way of entering an order. How is it that the whole order was sold out before it was even announced? I’d be happy to prepay, if that’s what it takes. Thanks.

Hey C3D! Can we please have the ability to back order something? Some of us are willing to “fire and forget”… until it arrives.


Any dance the CAD for this base is floating around? I’M down in Australia and Shipping down here is a bit crazy. In my head, they said they would release the files for people in situations like mine?

See: which lists:

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I see one size only, will other size be made available to XL and XXL? I know there are 3rd parties selling similar and that may be the reason for not producing them.

My understanding is that we haven’t been able to work out the economics of a run of larger plates for the larger machines — you’d have to check in w/ @edwardrford and the other partners for the specifics.

I think the better option for the larger machines is a large metal table and a T-track assembled out of aluminum extrusion.