SO3: Best homing/limit switch kit with probe?

i almost purchased the SO homing switch kit, until a friend found this:

not only does it have switches for both ends of X and Y, (so it does homing AND limits) but it comes with a full probe set and mounted banana plugs; all solidly built and available in 2 colors (i think), ready to mount in existing SO3 holes/mounts.

at what cost? just $5 more, it seems! $79 vs. carbide $75?

are there any better kits out there that can do better for less?

List of the 3 which I know of here:

awesome… thank you for this information!

it looks like i definitely want “homing” AND “limit” switches.

thanks again!

limit switches are a superset of homing switches.

of course.

what i meant was that i do not want “homing-only” as carbide currently offers (for example).

I have the kit from additive aerospace and I like it so far. The fit was good and it does what it says. I haven’t tried using the probe yet, but the limit switches work well. I found a review on youtube here:

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received same yesterday and it is fantastic.

sorry carbide, the extra $5 is more than worth it!

I have the Additive Aerospace kit too. It works great. I still have not played with the probing. I emailed to ask if he will be offering an XL or XXL kit. He currently has no plans to upgrade his machine, so he does not plan on offering upgrade kits. So if anyone has a kit and want a wiring upgrade, let him know there is interest. I extended my wires myself for my XXL upgrade.

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Update - I have been using the probe ports that are built in to this limit switch kit for the last 6 months, Works great. I don;t know how I lived without probing now that I have it.

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