SO3: Can the Nomad Flip Jig and/or Vise be used on the Threaded Table?

Just a quick question for the group:

On an SO3, using the threaded table, will the Nomad flip jig bolt on? How about the little Nomad vise? Has anyone tried these on the SO3? If so, was it a satisfactory combination?

I have a couple of machinist’s vises, but they are probably overkill (big, heavy) for some projects, and thought the little Nomad vise might be handy. As for the flip jig, I thought it might also be useful, or at least fun, if it plays well with the SO3.

Also wondering the same thing…

We’ll have to hear officially but I can tell you that the Nomad has special hole spacing for the vise and flip jig - additional holes for screws and dowels.

The Nomad sea-of-holes bed goes over the C3D bed and attaches at the corners. The vise and flip jig cannot attach to the sea-of-holes bed… it has to be removed first.

The High Tech System bed:

has a sea-of-holes as well as the C3D bed holes so one can use the vise and flip jib and the sea-of-holes.

Based on this - and the picture of the sea-of-holes for the SO3 - I would not expect things to work. Modification is always possible…


Thanks Mark,

I just ordered the “holey plate” for my SO3, and one thought led to another… Oh well, I’ve spent enough just buying the plate. Think I’ll just order a smaller machinist vice instead and use it with clamps.

BTW - In case anyone else was wanting one, they’re back…

In order to use the Carbide 3D flip frame on a Shapeoko you would need to drill the correlating mounting holes found in the Nomad table.
I would machine them in a separate plate.using pins to register the new intermediary “flip table” to your threaded “sea of Holes” base table.

You would also have to be using Homing switch’s on the Shapeoko and the most current version of Carbide Motion, which allows you to Rapid to a location on the table.
Heres the Nomad table dimesnions:
table.PDF (33.7 KB)

And heres the Flip frame walk through:

Thanks for the info, Apollo. I believe my XXL will have the homing switch, so I’m good there. Once I get settled in with the SO3 I’ll order the flip jig and make an adapter as you suggest. As for the vice part of my question, Little Machine Shop has a sale on their 3" Kurt clone, as well as a few discounted cosmetically blemished 3" screwless, so I guess I’l go with one of those since they will also play well on my vertical mill.

If there’s interest, we’ll make an adapter plate to use the Flip Jig on the Shapeoko. You would need the homing switches for it to be practical (as Apollo mentioned) but other than that, it should be totally doable.

Shoot an email to if you’d like us to make one.


Email sent ! :rocket:

Does anyone have the hole pattern for the SO3 Threaded table? I am trying to build some jigs and a custom vise for it. Just need the X&Y’s for the threaded holes.

This came up here previously:

Listed here: Shapeoko CNC Router, Rigid, Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable and more parts files are at: Shapeoko CNC Router, Rigid, Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable

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I have the threaded table upgrade on my SO3 and I use the Carbide vice on it from time-to-time. I have drilled and tapped 1 extra mounting hole in my table so I can mount my vice. However, most of the time, I have threaded dowel pins that I use to square up my stock. I push the vice up against these pins and then just use my toe clamps on each end of my vice to secure it. Both ways work. I suppose I never really needed to drill and tap an extra hole.

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Here is the modification I did to the SO3 wasteboard. This allows me to put the old nomad bed that I removed when I upgraded to the sea of holes bed. I am planning on adding the required tapped holes to the threaded table so I can use the vise and flip jig with my SO3.

Here are the holes I plan to add to the threaded table so I can use the vise and flip jig.

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