SO3 DIY Dust Shoe

Just got my new XXL SO3 up and running. I have to say that so far, I am very impressed with its abilities for the cost (especially considering that I can do pieces up to 33" square.

After looking around, I was disappointed in the dust shoe options that are out there (especially considering their average cost is $100-180!) I decided to put my new machine to the test and make my first part a DIY dust shoe.

It was super easy to create, considering the most difficult part of the assembly was already provided with the DeWalt 611 trim router that I ordered with the SO3. I used a hacksaw to cut off the excess portion of the adjustable sleeve that came with the router (basically cut it off just above the locking buckle). I then created a CAD file that I cut out of 1/2" MDF that replaced the original plastic shoe that was attached to the DeWalt sleeve.

I also created an opening for the following adapter that I bought at home depot:

This is intended to attach a 2 1/2" hose to the smaller port on a power tool dust collection device, but I reversed it, and used the large opening in the shoe, and connected my dust collection hose to the smaller end (keep in mind that I have a 1 1/4" hose dedicated for the CNC from my dust collection system.

I then stapled a skirt made of neoprene around the edge of the MDF. While it may not work as well as the brush type shoes, I read many complaints about the brushes getting caught and causing the Z axis to jam up while cutting projects.

I wouldn’t say that it is perfect by any means, but it prevents the majority of the just from being sprayed everywhere and helps direct most of the dust into the hose. The total cost to build was about $15.00, and was way better than spending $150 on something pre-made.