SO3: Homing Issues

I’m having issues with homing with both the jog screen and sending the MDI. When I change to “true” in settings it will go to back right hand corner to home, then start rapid traversing to the back left then hit the limit switch which stops motion.

When I send $H through MDI it goes to back corner and then crashes the program. I have tried with soft limits enabled and disabled with same results.

I am using additive aerospace limit switches: (1) z-axis, (2) x axis, and (1) y axis.

Before latest beta was able to $h consistently without issues.

i am also having homing issues, but of a different nature.

yet I have the same switch kit, it is great!

so surely you have TWO limit switches on the Y axis (the -Y also holds the probe connections) as seen here:


yes i was mistaken there are 2 as i saw yesterday putting it back together after a hard crash during program run. using chilipeppr i have no issues homing.

just wish carbide create could output .nc file extension so i can run in chilipepper. really like carbide create, carbide motion not so much…