SO3: Increasing Z-axis?

Okay So I bought a C-beam Lead screw actuator. I have it mounted, It moves but! The Z (+) and Z (-) Are backwards and since I have limit switch set up it only moves a fair bit. Does anyone know the log code to disable limit switch and or change the limit distance. An the Z + / Z - Direction?

Help would be gratefully apprenticed.

I would love to see a picture of how you set this up. You may have some luck with:

I believe you can invert some of the axis directions by setting some of the values that require a binary bit mask. Some settings have to be set at compile time for them to work, but I don’t recall which ones can be set (and stored) at runtime vs compile time. @WillAdams may be able to point you further in the right direction on this.

Invert bits are discussed here:

I’ll see about expanding that into a knowledgebase article.


Here some photos of my set up. I figured out what my issue was I just had it mounts in reverse. It works well now. The Z is stiffer but since the Y only has a one side contact point there is a small bit of flex still :unamused: But my new issue is the Step Configuration. The belts ran differently travel. I was just trying to mill some pockets out in a aluminum block an it was supposed to be a finished depth of a half inch. It bare made 200 thou. Anyone Know how you would figure out how to change that in the log?

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