SO3 MDF bed dimensions

I am looking for the dimensions of SO3 bed (size, mounting holes etc) the full design and CAD.

Thanks in advance.

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Am I reading the drawing right?

Not clear exactly what you’re trying to draw. The holes you marked with red “11.34mm” are 11.34 mm away from the datum (lower left corner) in the vertical direction of the drawing. The “10mm” ones are 10mm away from datum (lower left corner) in the same direction. All holes are 5.5mm through, with a 10mm counterbore 6mm deep.

What I mean is all marked in red (Do have the same y=11.34 from the datum) and the blue (y=10.00 for all holes too)

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instead see:

which is 100% — the larger/outer holes are for countersinks, the smaller ones for the through holes.

perfect thank you so much @WillAdams