SO3/Nomad: What are your favourite materials to work with?

I just picked up a batch of white oak floorboard off-cuts form my local saw mill. It is such beautiful wood and a joy to machine as it is hard enough to produce nice chips with the right feeds/speeds etc…

Got me thinking, what materials are most used with the Nomad and Shapeoko? Anyone used something particularly exotic?


Made a bow out of it, but need to resolve the handle joint.

I have long 3" thick plank of African Padauk that I’ve been whittling away for some time now with my Shapeoko 2. I think that one board was over $100 USD from a local yard. It’s fun to work with, but really really messy. The sawdust is blood red and it turns everything it touches red. I’ve also been using teak and black walnut in a recent project.