SO3 noob starting out

Received and assembled my SO3 in June. Swapped out the MDF base for an aluminum sea-of-holes one. Then, I created a secondary MDF wasteboard using CC, installed and leveled the surface. I’m pretty pleased with myself so far. Next, I wanted to create something that my granddaughter would like, so I looked in the clip art files that you get with Vectric VCarve Desktop and found a neat horse carving. I had a 10" x 7" piece of craft wood (pine I think) from Hobby Lobby, so I went to town. Did a roughing pass with a 0.25" flat endmill and the finish pass with a 0.125" ballnose cutter. Slapped some Watco Danish oil on it and I have to say I’m pleased with this result. Looking forward to doing more projects and learning how to better use the software I have. Thanks for looking.



Looks great, I’m sure that she’ll love it.


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