SO3: Randomly stops during a cut

OK…The S3 would just randomly stop at about 5 seconds into my cuts last night. I did some research on grounding, separating power circuits etc… Even shut off my cell, wifi, bluetooth, chocked up the RFI thingy to sit close to the router. I did these things this morning. Fresh start. Practiced on a 3/4 piece of wood and worked fine, actually finished my FIRST cut out of 20 or so tries! SO…then I was ready to cut into my $100 piece of acrylic. NOPE! Machine doesn’t like acrylic and just stops 5 seconds into the job.

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Sorry to hear this.

Before you go totally nuts, do you have a ground/neutral checker? If no, please get one and use it. They are inexpensive. If the ground and neutrals aren’t correct in the wall, all bets are off.


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I do not have a checker…I guess I’ll purchase one…I’ll be back in a second, have to restart my computer so I can connect to the machine and try again.


I’m sorry you’re having these issues - please email support.

We’re here to help:


ok…the carbide team is good and cares. Ed gave me some pointers and he sent me an updated board that isn’t in production yet. In fact, i think he overnighted it. pretty awesome. However, I have resolved the random stops during a cut. i troubleshooted and troubleshooted…and it is (at least in my case) 100% the router causing the PCB to crash. apparently it’s “electrical noise”? idk… anyway, so, I discovered all you have to do (again, in my case) is lower the rpm’s on your router which i guess is reducing the electrical noise. I’m using the Makita compact trim router and it has a variable speed setting, and it cut without disruption in between 3-4. it goes to 6. it spins at 10k to 30k. so i assume my max speed (for now hopefully) is around 15k. ok… now how to make a perfect circle…my circles aren’t perfect!

Since the router is embedded in a block of Al (the mount), could you try running a wire from the mount to ground? Others have done this with some success.

ok… now how to make a perfect circle…my circles aren’t perfect!

Half sized? Search for this issue, there are know adjustments for this.


No, i fixed the half size… i just posted about the circle. they are actually not perfectly round. Also, yes, i’ve grounded the spindle mount. Grounded the spindle mount and the (3) rails.

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