SO3: Weak z-axis plate

Like so many others, I am having issues with the weak z-axis plate when cutting metals. I have completely torn the machine apart and reassembled it with socket wrenches, and wow did this make a big difference. However, the Z-axis plate bending is now the weak point. It simply just bends and does not have enough support.

Although I have seen some mods out there on ways people are addressing this. Before I start drilling holes in my Zaxis plate I was wondering if Carbide3d will be addressing this as an upgrade of some sort in the future?

Once we have another batch of them made, we’ll offer the new Z plate that has a couple of bends in it. It should stiffen everything up a lot.


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You can buy some steel or aluminium square bar and bolt that either side of the spindle mount. Use countersink heads to prevent interference with the z axis rails.

It makes a huge difference and will be just as good if not better than upgraded bent metal plate!

@robgrz Glad to hear this! do you have an image you could share? any idea on what the price will be at this point? Can I preorder it?

@nick Yup! I have seen these modifications. I wanted to see what my options are in the future before I start drilling holes in everything :slight_smile:

Fair enough! I’m interested to compare which is the most effective solution!

No idea on price yet. We’re not in this to make money on the replacement parts so the price will be as reasonable as possible.

Hi Rob,
Do you have an update on a possible z-axis plate upgrade?

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We’re going to try and get them in the store tomorrow. They should be about $20.


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Would this benefit those of us that purchased the new Shapeoko 3 XXL or where these already installed on that machine.

Nope- all of the XL and XXL machines shipped with this plate so you don’t need this.

Thanks Rob I looked at my plate and thought it was the same but hate to assume anything.