SO3: X Axis stalling when using the "Rapid Position" feature

I just got my new Shapeoko 3 built last night. I am having an interesting issue when I use the “Rapid Position” feature of Carbide Motion. When I click one of the positions on the screen the Y axis will move fine, but the X axis will make this awful vibrating sound like it is stalling and will not move anywhere. If I just use the X+ and X- buttons on any setting (Fast, Slow, etc) the X axis moves without a problem.

Not sure if this is related, but when the machine is running a job, sometimes the X axis will seem like it’s loosing steps. I never hear anything struggle, and it always happens in the same point of the job, so maybe this particular issue is with MakerCAM’s G-Code.
Right now I am only moving a sharpie around a piece of paper, so there is nothing for the machine to stall on.

All of my belts seem well tensioned, so I don’t think it’s that. I am new to CNC, so I am not sure what else to look out for.
Thank in advance!

Check to see what your acceleration settings are — see if lowering them helps?


If nothing there helps, contact and see what they say.

The acceleration setting did not help at all. It seems to only happen in the -X direction. +X it works fine.
I also noticed the X axis motor does not get hot at all. Is that normal? Could it not be getting enough current? I don’t see a way to adjust that on the board that came with my Shapeoko 3.
I also noticed that one of my Y motors does not get hot, but I assume this is because only one side needs to have holding current.
I may have to contact Carbide 3D support, but I would like to hear from the community first.

All three motors should be similar temperatures AFAIK — please contact support