So3 x rail wanted for expansion project

Anyone out there with a surplus x rail for an SO3 for sale and prepared to ship to New Zealand at my cost?
I want to widen my x width but freight on an expansion pack is a killer not helped by the weight of the MDF waste board that I can source locally (for free).

Please pm with price

The MDF is a negligible portion of the weight of an expansion kit — the steel endplates and cross plates are much heavier — even if it’s left out, since it’s used to provide structure and some protection for the balance of the kit, it would then need to be replaced w/ additional packaging material.

I’m not sure, but it seems to me @Gerryattrick only wants an X rail to connect to his existing one, rather than the expansion pack.

Of course, I could be wrong.

Yes, but the X rail is only part of the equation — you still need end plates, or some other structure to support the Y-axis rails at the appropriate distance/height — if @Gerryattrick has plans for that, fine, but don’t want to leave him w/ the impression that the rail is all that is needed.

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Hmm, I would assume (dodgy to do, I know!) he already has an SO3 to want to do this.


But the steel front and rear plate that hold the Y rails up needs to be extended in width by the same amount as the X beam.


Of course. Sorry, it’s been one of those days!

@willadams I understand the need for the mdf as we have discussed before. Peter is correct in that I have the SO3 already and want to extend the width. I can get end plates etc extended locally and make/ buy all the rest. I plan on putting the baseboard under extended unit so Y joiners to end plates should not be needed hopefully. The issue is the proprietary rails are not available from Carbide3d and its easier to try for another x rail rather than source a longer alternative

Rather than extend it widthways along the X axis, which as you’ve identified would need the end plates extended, couldn’t you extend it along the Y axes? You’d only need two extrusions and some support?

A bit like this

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Or this by @krtwood.

@NewToThis I could do that but I’d need more (2) rails and 2 joiners. I was planning to join the x rails exactly as Chris did with the FrankenPoko using the custom joiner. The end plates should not be a problem as I could cut the cross brace as I plan to mount it on top of the mdf base board rather than under. Should be reasonably easy to weld strengthening to the cross brace if needed, I am only cutting wood and accuracy to the Nth degree is not required for my needs.
@BrokenEndmill Thats sort of what I had in mind but using the custom CNC cut joiners that Chris used… I would need just one joiner, a strengthening plate and the 2nd x rail

…and the toothed belt, maybe?

Also, have you considered asking Carbide3D directly? I seem to recall they make their own extrusions?

…and the belt👌
Carbide 3d dont sell rails separately although there are quite a few potential customers. I think the hassle of small sales is too hard for the return which I can understand. It does seem a bit strange given their excellent support otherwise but I am sure they have considered it before deciding to not meet that market.

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