SO3 XL: axis problems [SOLVED]

I finished assembling my new Shapeoko 3 XL. I’m trying to run the “Hello World” test. No success so far, I’m running into axis problems. First the z-axis was moving in the wrong direction, +Z was going down. I fixed that with $3 = 4. However the z-axis is still misbehaving.

When I try to run the “Hello World” test, the z-axis moves up to the point of hitting the top limit. Then the z-Zxis moves down, beyond the origin limit I set and the sharpie crashes into the paper. I haven’t been able to fix that problem.

I would appreciate any advice.

Never mind! I figured it out.

Even though I had set homing to false in the Settings, it was still trying to home. After $22=1 in MDI it is now working correctly. Sorry for the false alert.