SO3 XL: Question on the included drag chain mount and photo vcarve

Hello, I just received my Shapeoko 3 XL last week and it was missing a few parts. I received the missing parts yesterday in the mail, but I cannot find any information on how to mount the the Drag Chain mount that comes with the machine. I was wondering if anyone had a few pictures they could share with me to help me figure out how to mount this bracket?
On another note, I have the most recent version of Photo Vcarve and I was wondering what file type I need to save my work in, in order to send it to Carbide Motion and have it function properly.

You should just make a G-code file. .nc is one typical extension. I believe that one has to pick a particular Post-processor or some such.

There are some links on VCarve at:

@Hoser82 Check out page 11 of the draft assembly guide.

Thanks! I totally missed that.