SO3: XL Unboxing

Just got the Shapeoko XL so A quick unboxing to let everyone see what is being shipped :slight_smile:

Very Happy so far. Unfortunately, the unboxing is all I have time for tonight.

I’ll stop back by later if anyone has questions.

You may want to read the two unboxing threads before this one. You may have a couple surprises when you try to assemble it. Hopefully the issues were corrected before yours went out.

Perhaps I’ll get to assembly tonight, but, off hand it looks like most of the fiddly bits are there.

Outside of a BOM.

And an assembly guide.

But, hey, what proper Maker reads those things anyway?

If you have motor cable extensions then the rest is probably there also. If not you will need to submit a service ticket or whatever they call it.

Since C3D already assembled the carriages there isn’t much left to figure out so assembly isn’t bad at all.

Enjoy the new toy :wink:

@WisconsinPlatt Looks like your machine made it to you in pretty good condition.

I noticed in your X/Z assembly unboxing photo that one of your bearing idlers fell off, and by the looks of it, that was because there was no loctite on the threads! I’m guessing it was one of our early assemblies, before we had that assemblies QA down.

When you re-assemble, just put a dab of loctite in the nut before threading it on.

Otherwise, let us know how assembly goes.


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And that was why I posted this. :grin:

Thanks Again.