SO3: XXL Full Kit Unofficial BOM (Bill Of Materials)

EDITED: I have received some parts from Edward and have added them to the end of the RECEIVED list and removed from the MISSING list. The remaining parts will be on their way next week.

I have cataloged all items I have received with the full XXL kit. Rather than further congesting one of the unboxing or assembly threads, I thought it best to track the parts list in a separate topic.

Now, this is UNOFFICIAL because it is simply going to be an accounting of what I have received and will conclude with a list of what I THINK is missing. I will update the original post accordingly as I hear experiences from others on what they received and/or what they are missing.


  • (1) Limit switch kit
  • (2) Cable carrier chains
  • (1) USB cable 6 feet
  • (1) Switching power supply 24 VDC 5A
  • (1) Sharpie (black)
  • (3) Assorted box wrenches
  • (5) Assorted allen wrenches (5mm, 4mm, 3mm, 2.5mm, 1mm - guessing on the smaller ones with no markings)
  • (4) Leveling feet
  • (2) M5 x 55mm SHCS (intended to hold Dewalt in spindle mount clamp)
  • (6) Belt clamp brackets with integrated PEM nuts
  • (6) M5 x 5mm SHCS (for belt clamps)
  • (5) Self-adhesive 1" black cable tie-down squares
  • (10) 4" black zip ties
  • (18) M5 x 20mm BHCS (for mounting wasteboard to metal straps)
  • (1) Tube LocTite
  • (1) Shapeoko serialized name plate
  • (24) M6 x 12mm BHCS (fastening plates to ends of extrusion rails)
  • (3) 1215mm GT2 9mm wide belts
  • (1) 520mm looped GT2 6mm wide belt (spare for Z-Axis)
  • (2) Wasteboard halves (42" x 19.75"/500mm each)
  • (1) Z-Axis/X-Axis unit (pre-assembled)
  • (1) Left gantry unit (pre-assembled)
  • (1) Right gantry unit (pre-assembled)
  • (1) X-Axis extrusion 40"
  • (1) Y-Axis extrusion 40"
  • (1) Y-Axis extrusion with 2 threaded holes for electronics 40"
  • (3) Black metal cross-straps
  • (2) Black metal end-straps
  • (1) Aluminum spindle mount (for Dewalt)
  • (1) Electronics PCB with heat sink and full metal enclosure
  • (3) O-rings for electronics enclosure
  • (2) M5 x 16mm BHCS (attaching spindle mount to Z plate)
  • (2) M6 x 12mm BHCS (attaching PCB/heat sink to Y-Axis extrusion rail)
  • (4) Stepper motor cable extensions


  • (1) Replacement limit-switch kit wiring harness with correct length cable runs
  • (2) Sets of brackets, fasteners, and VHB tape for installing cable chains

Again, if you see anything missing from either list, please let me know and I will update accordingly. I am also going to refer to this thread in my outstanding support ticket with @edwardrford and Carbide 3D. Once everything has been corrected and/or there is an official BOM released, I will possibly remove this topic to avoid confusion. For now, hopefully it is a helpful checklist for recipients and QC feedback for the SO3 team.



Thanks for posting this!

I’ll see what I can do about adding it to the wiki, like to the way we have the SO2 B.O.M. set up:

There is a docs article on this: which links to a .pdf and there is already a section on the SO3 wiki page:

And I see now that we had started a wiki B.O.M. page:

This is pretty much spot on with what was missing from mine. Hopefully someone from the team sees this and overnights these missing parts to us. I started this list last night to post today. You beat me to it. Great work and thank you for taking the time to get this organized.

Order # 2507


@VPlusArcade :slight_smile: I literally could not sleep last night because my head was so wrapped around getting this resolved, so I got up and inventoried and measured every part so we’d have a foundation from which further discussion could occur and Carbide 3D/Edward could confirm and ultimately work from towards resolution for existing shipments and future shipments.


It seems that the missing parts and lack of instructions is fairly consistent with the newly arrived units. One thought might have been for the Quality Controll was to simply assemble one of their own kits to discovered what is and is not working rather than putting that onto the customer; yes I understand this is a new product but I believe for the $$$ and time waiting that these issues would have been sorted prior to shipping ANY units. I too anxiously waiting but really I do not want my kit to show up missing parts and new to CNC I would require a final assembly instructions…

Okay I’ve updated the wiki B.O.M. as best I can:

Hopefully that will help us to nail down what’s missing / needed.

New folks should review the assembly instructions: and may find reading over the Parts overview page on the wiki to be helpful: and the balance of the wiki, as well as the official docs:

While a CNC is a complex thing, we’ve all been at this for a while, and we’re starting to get the hang of it. One thing complicating this is the overlap of upgrade kits and compleat machines — hopefully we can get the B.O.M. set up so as to cover all the possible cases clearly.

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Thanks, Will. One thing that may be wrong… the Front and Back frame pieces (I think I called them “end straps” in my list) in the table (part S3060?) is probably going to be different for both the XL and XXL kits… since the width of these is relative to the X-Axis and the X extrusion rail changes for both the XL and XXL versions, I believe the upgrade kits will all have to include new front and back frame pieces. Does that sound right?

Yep. Got turned around, thinking that we would be doing the expansion along the Y-axis. Should be fixed now.

I really wish that we had an option / clearing house to donate the spare parts for re-use, or to re-build machines, or to create new machines for donation to non-profits…

This would be fantastic. Not only for SO3 parts, but I have boxes and boxes of assorted stepper motors, older SO1 and SO2 plates and even rails and other miscellaneous parts that I’ve collected and kept (with intentions of using it all for SOME project SOME day, of course)… I could always give it away to some local hackerspace, but I’d love to be able to eventually make some stuff available to educational/STEM programs that encourage boys and girls to take an interest in science and technology…perhaps even participating in some volunteer mentoring role associated with such.

The SO3 manual is almost useless for the XXL because the parts that are left to assemble are almost all different. Two or three photos of an assembled unit would be enough to cover the bases for most people.

UPDATE: I have just received my first package from Edward. It contained the 4 stepper motor extension cables, 2 fasteners for the spindle mount, and 2 fasteners to mount the electronics to the rail. I have updated the Unofficial XXL BOM at the top of this thread accordingly. The limit switch kit cables and the cable chain brackets/fasteners are due to be overnighted by middle of next week. Thanks, @edwardrford !!!

I think it’s great that you all are doing this work. But don’t you think the S03 XXL/XL Team should put a hold on shipping until they get all the parts together and a reasonable build document is available? I don’t waiting for MY XXL rather than trying to keep track of what I didn’t get and someone else did and having documentation scattered all over the web. Just saying.

Completely speaking for myself and only myself here, but no. :slight_smile:

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Originally, the Shapeoko was an idea, then a project, then it was a community focused on an opensource ideal, now it’s a product sold by a small, independent startup.

I came on-board when it was a community (saw the Kickstarter, but wasn’t in a place financially to order before it closed), and prefer the community and feel that the project (and the product) is better when everyone pitches in and helps as best they can in whatever way they can.


That sounds reasonable enough, but say you get a bag of parts a BOM can tell you if you have them all. But how do you identify which part is which. An exploded drawing with part numbers at least tells what the parts look like and how they go together. I have lots of machines that came about this way. (F306 3D printer) I had to customize and tweak them to get them to work. I don’t mind doing that but this seems like really tough sledding so far.

Unfortunately, that’s become something of a tradition — at least w/ the SO2 launch, we had a gradual / graduated roll-out where the initial wave of kits were the mechanical-only ones, so the people receiving them were self-selected as to be confident of self-sourcing the electronics, and tended towards being more able to deal w/ incompleat instructions (started out as just a set of drawings if memory serves). Fortunately, we had those in pretty good shape as I recall by the time the SO2 full kits were arriving.

If everyone will just be patient and work w/ Edward and the balance of the Carbide 3D folks we’ll get all this sorted out and everyone up and running presently.

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First, I have to ask a question to which I don’t really expect an answer (and which isn’t meant to be critical), but which keeps puzzling me. How do you produce a product without having created some sort of BOM? How would you know what to order from your suppliers? I keep thinking that there must have been some sort of pre-production documentation? Nor carping, just scratching my head and wondering aloud. I suppose part of the answer is in WillAdams’ post, but it still eludes me why a minimal set of docs wan’t needed for internal purposes. Oh well, never mind.

I agree that I would much rather receive a product which ships complete. I am getting covered up in things and parts for things that I can’t yet bring in for a landing, and trying to keep track of “partials” for another major project is unappealing. I know that others are in a state of “send me something, anything”, and I can understand that. Perhaps 20 or 30 years ago I would have been one of them. But I went into this purchase expecting to wait a while for delivery. I also went into it knowing there might be a few small hiccups. But I did expect to receive a complete (if unassembled) product with all the parts and documentation. By pre-ordering I expected that we were providing the funding up front that they needed to get all their ducks in a row.

I can be patient, and I don’t expect everything to go without any hitches on a new product. I just don’t have the room to be warehousing collections of incomplete kit. I already have a mill waiting on CNC parts, a tig welder and plasma cutter waiting on my son to get time to help me pull wiring for a new sub-panel, and several electronic projects in various states of design and assembly. That’s my problem, not Carbide’s, but when the SO3 arrives, I want it to be something I can assemble and be done with, not another pile of interesting looking but otherwise useless parts to stumble over.

Again, not criticizing anyone. I’ve been in the role of rolling out very large projects, and have all the sympathy in the world for the folks getting these machines together and out the door. I really appreciate the way Ed responded when I asked for updates. I’m just offering a view from where I sit, with the understanding that others have equally legitimate, but different needs and agendas.

In any case, it is entirely possible that newer shipments are complete, at least that is my sincere hope. So far, Joyceck and I are an overwhelming contingent of two :relaxed: .

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Any specs in the size of drag chain included with the kits?

15x20. I can measure if you need length. I haven’t put mine together yet but from reports I’ve seen it is undersized for the required cables and definitely won’t fit the router power cable as well.

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