SO3 XXL measure after assembly

Hi everyone

I have just bought a Shapeoko 3 XXL and while I am waiting for shipping from Illinois to Denmark I will start building af table/enclosure.

But I can find any measurements in mm or cm but only in inches.

Can anyone help me with the dimensions of the assembled maschine. I have search both forum and wiki and are sorry if is already there

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XXL: 45″W × 40 1/2″L × 16″H [12] (one user measured: 40 1/4″ (Y-axis) Front to back (from outside of black bracket on each end) × 44 13/16″ (X-axis) Left to Right (from outside of black bracket on each end).[13]

Converting that:

114.3 cm W × 102.87 cm L × 40.64 cm H

and that page now reads:

XXL: 45″ (114.3 cm) W × 40 1/2″ (102.87 cm) L × 16″ (40.64 cm) H

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Hi William

Thanks a lot for your prompt answer.
I now have facts to planning my enclosure

KInd regards

Please look at the balance of the number on that page — some folks don’t include the electronics enclosure (hangs off the left side in the standard design) in the footprint since it doesn’t contact the table.

My suggestion would be to take one of the 3D models, change the rails to 40" long, adjust everything else to match, add some vertical height (XL and XXL endplates are taller than the SO3) and work from that.

If the electronics are off on the left side like I have, it’s 120.65cm wide

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You’re a good guy for checking that.

I measured the total width of my XL including the controller and it measures 47.5 inches. That should be the same for the XXL.

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They can be mounted on either side. The directions show them on the left, but with a few seconds of thought, they can go on the right too. Mine is.

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