SO3: XXL Unboxing

My limit switch wiring harness is too short also. I suspect there are supposed to be extensions for the wiring harnesses so the standard Shapeoko3 unit harnesses can be used unmodified.

@CraigTheFabricator I believe I have the same issue with the limit switches only without instructions I have no idea how it is supposed to hook up. Also what do you think about my X-axis issue (controller mounted on x-axis not y-axis). Think it is worth disassembling the rig to switch those two rails?

@edwardrford Will there be an update today on shipping out missing parts for all those who have received their product already and are kind of “dead in the water”?

After rethinking the limit switch kit issue, I think the only real solution is to replace the wiring harness entirely with a specific assembly for the larger kits. The reason I believe this is because the harness has the connector to the PCB on one end and then has the actual switches soldered and heat shrunk on the ends of each run. Thus, there is no way to simply add extensions. Since the 3 cable runs go to various places on the machine, you can’t simply extend the connector side to the PCB as I don’t believe this will aid in getting all the switches to the locations they belong. Obviously we can cut this harness apart and hack it back together, but I think the most reliable and elegant solution is to have new harnesses made and sent out for the larger kits.

IMHO… Since Edward mentioned that the intention (though not currently clearly communicated) is for the electronics to be mounted on the side (Y rails), I would certainly bite the bullet and rebuild accordingly. Given that you are likely waiting for certain missing/replacement pieces like the others, its probably worth doing now. Should you have any electronics/EM interference/communications/etc issues that you need support on, I’m pretty sure that support would want to make sure that you mounted the electronics on the side rail and away from the router. Best to do this now rather than when you’re under a time crunch for a project deadline.

@CraigTheFabricator When you’re right…you’re right. Like you said, I’m waiting on parts anyways…might as well rebuild. I appreciate the feedback and hopefully this all gets resolved soon. I"m surprised there hasn’t been an update yet on the issue. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon. A large project of mine was supposed to start Monday, hopefully parts will arrive before then.

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As the creator of the regular So3 assembly manual, I would be willing to produce the sequel for the new kits if commissioned to do so. If you all felt that was a sufficiently clear assembly manual, and a worthwhile document that answered your questions, then maybe a few up-votes/favorites on the idea might persuade Edward and company to prioritize getting in touch and getting me the CAD I’d need to get started :wink:

@UnionNine Document for XL, XXL, upgrade document for XL, XXL


Jonathan, you have my vote to update your existing manual.

Curious, now that the instruction thing is up for discussion again how people feel about the interactive SVG diagrams which were used for the SO2:


Even the SO3 is likely simple enough that it could probably be done in a single file.

Also, while I’m thinking about it, I had made corrections and updates, many of which were based on feedback from @WillAdams but it doesn’t look like the file I submitted had gone live on their site, so here’s the corrected final version of the regular manual if anyone wants it.

I like the idea of those interactive SVGs, and they’re definitely something I could produce with my colleagues at Activator Studios. We were actually just playing with some SVG animations for a client project for an industrial design studio, so I’d be particularly interested in going with that idea just for the excuse to do something fun and new.

With the carriages preassembled now, the manual should be very short and easy. Personally, I would rather see a few annotated photos of an assembled unit for assembly instructions then a separate section with any special notes for adjustments and maintenance.


As someone still waiting for his machine I can tell you, you did NOT share too many pictures.
It was great seeing what to expect. Thank you.
It was really nice to see Edward Ford’s response.

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The Shapeoko3 that Craig made the manual for didn’t have the carriages preassembled. Carriage assembly was 75% of the work and thus, most of the manual. The new machines come with the carriages preassembled so the new manual can be much shorter. I was not implying that the previous manual was too long.

Might that carriage assembly information not still be useful for repairs, modifications, etc. ?


Agreed. Perhaps set up as an appendix to the main manual so the assembly flow is not interrupted by the “Maintenance” pages.

Probably as an addendum. The reality is that most won’t open the manual until they get stuck. So, the easier it is to digest the instructions the more effective they will be.

I may be wrong but I think C3D is working on the manual so this may be a moot point.