Soap Dish Xmas Gift

I decided to make a soap dish as a xmas present. I had bought this model a long time ago to use it as a learning tool for milling. It proved to difficult at the time and decided to attack it later when feeling more confident with my CAM knowledge. Even though it took me a couple of days to figure out, this project was great to learn CAM with more “organic” shapes. Here are the results.

The surface finish is a strategy I’m still trying to refine to see if I can get better results. Sanding will help this one. Not bad at all for my first try. Also, two registration pins screwed to the bed work great for flip milling!!


Also, I had contacted John Saunders from NYC CNC to see if he could help me figure out the best way to CAM this and he told me he would love to make the process into a video for his YouTube channel. He just wrote and told me the episode is recorded and will air on December 20th. If you don’t know him, he’s a great resource to learn CAD and CAM in Fusion 360. Check him out: