Soccer crests from MDF/Epoxy

Been using my Shapeoko Pro XXL for awhile now, learning a lot about CNC and made a few things in the process. All of these are MDF with epoxy inlays. Most of those are either craft paint or pigment paste, the latter is what I use exclusively now for better color.


It’s hard to believe this was once MDF…I’m impressed.
And I definitely want to know more about your process, especially about those rainbow letters!

So would I! These look really good. Is it mostly hand work? Are the bottoms MDF still?

Prep before milling:
Repeat 2x
Sanding sealer or Shellac the surface
Sand with 220

Post Milling
Day 1
Seal top & sides with Sanding Sealer/Shellac
Sand with 220
Seal just the sides with 2nd coat of Sanding Sealer/Shellac
Sand with 220
Prime with paint of choice (I personally prefer Rustoleum High Performance Enamel)
Day 2
Sand with 220
Spray the main color over the entire piece (2 coats)
Day 3
Paint any other details with craft paint, enamel, etc…
Day 4
Epoxy the piece
Day 5
Finish any remaining details or flood coat


Yep, these are all ¾" MDF. Here is the primed and painted before detail work.


So, you’re hand painting the background white? A closeup on this piece finished would be nice to see the work you put into that. Especially around the “18” and “94.”

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Sometimes I will hand paint, but the white is 100% epoxy with pigment paste in it. You will see on the light blues that it is not as “solid” as a color, because i was still using craft paint and didn’t use enough. I pretty much only use pigment paste where I can help it.


And since ManU won :wink: