Software recomentations for Shapeoko 3 XL

Hi, First of all I would like to Thanks to all the community and carbide 3 for the really good feed backs. I am new to CNC and learning day by day. Now that, I learned basic to use Carbide Create and CM, which I liked. But the mean reason for me to buy the machine is to produce 3D image or design on the wood and which I believe, CC is not for.(Right?) So, my question is: which software would you recommend for 3 D, something easy to understand. Thanks all

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Correct Carbide Create is a 2.5D software, not 3D. For the price, ease of use and yet powerful, with 100’s of free tutorials on YourTube, I recommend Fusion 360. It’s free for the Hobby and small business owner making less than $100000 per year.


Other options

Thanks guys, just to make sure the machine itself is capable of 3 D right

Yes, VERY much capable.


OK, Thanks again…

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HI Rich ???

Yes Yung?

That picture is a 10" long x 2" dia chunk of aluminum that I am 3D milling…

Oh, that’s nice… Thanks

I should have posted the finished product:

First pic is of the Flag Pole Holder finished machined (Less the Cap) Second picture is it installed on my Harley.

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Those looks really good, I am excited to work on my machine for the 3 D part, only when I am off my regular work and I am working this very weekend grrrreeee.
Thanks and regards