[SOLD] Carbide 3D Touch Probe for Sale

Hi all,

I have a touch probe for sale if anyone is interested. I have only taken it out of the box and tested that it works, have not personally been using it as I had anticipated and it has just sat around.

Message me if you are interested. First dibs go to anyone in the central Ohio area!


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Hey Kyle,
Where in central Ohio are you? Not interested in the probe, but I’m in Dublin. Thought I’d say hey.


Hey Neil! I thought I’d seen someone mention they were in town. I’m actually just down in Clintonville! Good to know there’s someone else local on here.


Interested but I live Missouri. If you would be willing to mail it let me know and give me your price.

Have you sold it yet, and is it by carbide or triquetra

Hi Greg,

I haven’t sold it yet, and it’s the one by carbide!

Howmuch are you asking

I’ll take it if you still have it

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Waiting for response

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