SOLD *** For Sale Shapeoko XXL *** SOLD

I like to sell my Shapeoko XXL machine. It is assembled and working perfectly. With it, I also purchased several cutters. I used the machine only a few times and I love it, but I don’t have enough time or knowledge to take advantage of it.
I live in Sacramento, California. If you’re interested in purchasing my XXL & the cutters, please let me know. Thanks.

I am actually traveling to Sacramento this weekend. How much are you wanting for your Shapeoko?

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I paid close to $2000 for everything. I tried to make the waterboard more
usable, but didn’t do a good job, so there are lots of hole in it, but
works fine.
Anyway, I think $1400 for everything. That is the XXL kit with DeWalt plus
#101,111,121 & 301 cutters. Please let me know if that is acceptable to you.

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I’ll have to talk to my dad to see if he wants it. If someone else goes for it, give it to them first, don’t wait on me.

That is OK. Thank you.

Do you have any photos you could post, so I can show him?

Here are 3 photos I took today.

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Hi Hamid,

Do you still have your XXL available? I live in Reno so Sac is just over the hill.


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Yes, still available.

I am a new member in here so not sure if I can put in a phone number or my email for contact. But going to give it a try. Please contact me at my email address at If this isn’t allowed I’m sure they will delete it.

I just sent you my info via email.

Yahoo mail does not work!
Please call when ready.

Ok, will do. I did get your email btw.

if Denis doesn’t take it im also in Reno and can drive over the hill and buy it next weekend also. if you want to contact me.

I have replied via email. Please check.

This Shapeoko XXL machine is SOLD