SOLD *** FS - Nomad 883 Pro *** SOLD

I have a like-new Nomad that still isn’t getting any use (run once since the previous post linked below), time I send it off to a loving home.

883 Pro bamboo w/ wrenches & 1/8" collet/bit + add-on black AL table with threaded holes, vise & flip jig. There are a couple of material samples and some sacrificial MDF tables I made that fit on the threaded table. Total run time of perhaps 5-10 hours milling Delrin.

Previous post with photos

About a year ago there was a problem with the board, replaced it with the help of C3D support so I believe it’s a 2.4(e) with updated firmware.

$2,000 + shipping or local meet up within an hour of 08203/Atlantic City NJ.



PMed ill take the unit and pick up

Sold, thanks Steve.


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