SOLD *** in AL: Standard SO3 with updated controller, Z-axis plate, and homing switches *** SOLD

I have an early standard SO3 for sale.
It has the updated controller and z-axis plate plus homing switches installed.
It will need a new wasteboard but that’s just a piece of MDF.
I am waiting on a replacement homing switch cable as the z-axis limit switch just went out two days ago.

I am in central Alabama. I can disassemble and box it up to ship to you.

$800 firm + shipping cost if applicable.

I have been looking at buying a SO3.
I am located in NW Alabama.
How long before the replacement swiich is in?
Have any pics?

They shipped the switch FedEx today.
I can take some pictures this evening and post them.


Good morning Mike,
When the switch comes in let me know.
I have the cash in hand.
Its a two hour drive to Birmingham, so it will be next weekend before I could pick it up anyway.
Is it still set up? would like to see it run.
Dont foreget the pics.


Sorry Michael, just sold it today.