SOLD: JTech 7W Laser Kit

SOLD: $500

Complete JTech 7W kit. Comes with the mount for the Shapeoko 3, as well as the SO4/SO4Pro. Only been used a few times with less than 20 hours on it. Also has one of the press-in Molex connectors for the PWM on the SO3/SO4/SO4Pro control board so you can install a shim as you get it. Has the high efficiency lens installed and standard lens in a packet.

Selling since my SO5 Pro and SO HDM don’t have the proper connector.

I was just thinking of adding a laser to my SO4. I have not finished my research on the topic to know what I am getting into yet and if my setup will work as is, or if I will need to do a lot of work to get it to work. Any advice on setup needs so I can look into it?

I’ve seen everything from people piecing together their own set-up to something like this, a full kit that has all the hardware to run. For software I use Lightburn.

Thanks. I was watching some YouTube videos about it last night and am interested in it. I’ll send you a DM.