SOLD: (Like New) Nomad 883 Pro, Bamboo w/Vice, Threaded Table, etc SOLD


I’m looking for a buyer to make good use of my Nomad 883 Pro with bamboo siding, vice, threaded table and a set of bits. It was run for about 4 hours before my reason for buying it was negated. I still have most of the sample materials that ships with it as well. All original box, packed items, etc. Less than 6-months new.

If there’s interest, I’ll unpack and take photos.

I’m in Atlanta, Georgia.

Seeking $1,800 + actual shipping of buyer’s choice. Pick-up / local meet is also cool.


I sent a DM. Now I’m typing to make it more than 20 char

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Hi James, I sent you a private message but haven’t received a response. Is the nomad still available?

Sold and delivered :grin:

Thanks, James


Thank you, Chris. Looking forward to seeing your works.