Sold: NO LONGER AVAILABLE Unopened/Unused Shapeoko XXL Kit w/Dewalt Router

UPDATE: This machine is no longer available. Thanks for everyone’s interest!

Hello folks!

This unopened/unused Shapeoko XXL Kit with Dewalt router was purchased May 2, 2017 for multiples of a commissioned piece that I wound up outsourcing instead of milling myself.

After speaking to Carbide support, they assured me that the machine is up-to-date and asked me to “Please assure the customer that we’ll support the machine — not sure if we can restart the warranty completely, but we will cover anything which is wrong out of the box, and work with them until the machine is working to its specifications and their satisfaction.”

The original cost when purchased was $1830 with the router.

If you don’t want the router (unused), I’ll keep it and subtract $130.

I’m located in Darien, CT for those who can pick it up.

I’m open to the best offer. My goal is to get the kit box out of the shop this week if possible.

Happy New Year!


Hi Nick

Thoughts on posting to the UK?

No need for the router or wasteboard - keep the weight down…


Hi Luke,

Shipping outside of the US will be too expensive, in as far as I can tell. I’ll have to stick domestically.

Sorry about that!


Super tempting as I’m close enough to pick it up but just no room. Good luck!

Hey, Dan!

Yes, it’s definitely tempting. I love Carbide3D, so I will likely buy a larger machine to compliment my Nomad 883 down the road.

To make room, the plan here was to build a folding table on wheels.

If you change your mind, let me know!


Hi Nick - is it still available? I’ve had a machine on order for a few weeks and they’ve not shipped it yet… I’m in Greenwich. Let me know, and I’ll check with Carbide 3D on how close they are to shipping my machine.

Nick, is the machine still available? I am within driving range.