*** SOLD *** Nomad 883 For Sale + Extras *** SOLD ***

We originally backed the Nomad 883 on Kickstarter for use in our office/ workshop. However, the project we wanted to use the Nomad on never materialized and it’s been collecting dust for the past year.

Overall we’ve only put maybe 24 hours worth of work time on our Machine.

The machine comes with the flip jig, the vice, aluminum plate, and a bunch of extra waste boards.

We’re asking $2,000 for the machine. Pick up in Milwaukee or we’ll work up shipping. Since we’re a retail business we can take a credit card through our online store. Feel free to call us at 262-788-9223 if you’d like.

Hopefully someone will find a good home for this machine and use it to make some really cool stuff.

In case anyone is wondering, it’s still available. Had a couple of phone calls about it, but no takers.

Give us a ring. I’d rather sell it to someone on the forums then on Craigs List.


Still available if anyone is interested.


Interested, is it still available and have you determined a shipping estimate if needed?


It’s still available.

If you PM me your address I can work out shipping. If you’re anywhere near Milwaukee I can hand it out to you in person.

Thanks, I’ve replied via PM.

Machine is still available as of September 13th. Message me if anyone is interested.

It’s been sold. Goodbye sweet sweet CNC machine.