SOLD - Nomad 883 For Sale in Texas

  • $1200 OBO
  • CNC Machine
  • Power cable
  • USB Cable
  • Flip jig
  • Set of collets
  • 1/8 endmills, 1 flat and one ball
  • Carbide Create software was included with initial purchase, and I believe we can get you access to this, but by far the easiest way to use the machine is to download Autodesk Fusion 360, which is free: (, and generates perfect G-code.


Still available - any offers? Looking to clear some space to buy a Shapeoko.

Lowered price to $1500

Lowered price to $1200.

Still available? About how many hrs of run time on it? Any chance you’d ship it?

Hey - sorry for the slow reply. Sure, I can ship it. PM sent.

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