SOLD: Nomad 883 + Motion Tablet - $1600

After too much time getting upgraditis on this board, I’m going to go nuts and build a hopped-up S3, so I’m selling the Nomad to pay for it. I purchased this a couple of years ago in nearly brand new condition, but bought an S3 at the same time as going back to school, so I’ve barely had enough time to even get it up & running & make a couple upgrades. I’ve used this one time, to make a single test cut out of 6061 aluminum & see that it works. That’s it.

It’s an original Nomad, & got the updated circuit board Carbide 3d kindly sent out with accompanying arduino, so it runs Carbide4. The fan was switched out for a bigger one to ensure the controller & power supply stay cool and there’s a nice vinyl graphic on the top. It includes a couple wrenches to tighten the collet, and includes an ER11 collet & 1/8" endmill from Carbide3d. It runs on a fully functional ruggedized Motion LE1600 tablet computer running Win10, which has a touchscreen & makes interacting with the machine feel very natural. Also includes a stylus and mouse in case you prefer those, and a spare stylus and thumb drive with all the software on it so you’ll never have to run around trying to find it. I’m throwing it in so you can just turn it on and start using it right away, not worry about installing and configuring anything. Like this:

Here are all the juicy pics:

For its condition, & what I’ve got into it, I think I’d like to get about 1600 for it. If you want to use Paypal, keep in mind they tack on a few percent to pay that way. I’ve secured & packaged the machine in its original shipping box and altogether it’s 67 pounds available to be shipped, or picked up, from really anywhere in Wisconsin (my zip code is 53095, if you want to get a shipping estimate), since I regularly have to travel statewide. …but, please don’t ask me to drive all the way across the state just to look at it. :slight_smile: Ok, thanks!

Edit: Price reduced to $1600


Can I contact you via Facebook?? I have a friend who will be VERY interested in your Nomad.
Here is a link to my profile. I can put you in touch with him much easier via Facebook.

How can I contact you? Very interested!

Oh hi Dan, Oops, I just replied to your friend a Clinton over email before seeing this, (nm, I see the system email was a no-reply address anyway) I’ll send you an email. Thx!

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Replied to you, am at work and habe pretty bad service

Is this still available? I am definitely interested in it if so.

It shouldn’t be, paid him on Saturday and have been waiting for the tracking number to update. @MonkeyMan can you contact me please?

Okayyy I just got home from work, to find I have a load of emails and phone calls about this machine. And now it’s on the community forum. So, I’m going to answer all of them at once.

The machine did sell to Dan, but I haven’t had the free time to get on here and post that it sold. Dan, Friday night, I said I’d ship the box out Saturday and give you the tracking number. Sat morning, I told you when I was leaving with it. By the time I got back, you had already left me several messages asking where it was. I responded, and included the link to the FedEx Tracking page. (the link that led you to the tracking page you screencapped & replied back to me with) Then went off to Job 2, and by the time I got back, there were more messages saying you wanted to know what the status was. So I wrote you another, longer, detailed description of all the details of shipping it, explaining that FedEx home delivery picks up M-F, and that you would have to watch that tracking page for when it starts its journey to you Mon. The package was out of my hands and I had sent the link to you. Sunday I worked both jobs and went to to bed without checking the messages, which was apparently a big mistake bc today I see you sent 4 more messages and 4 more phone calls, and 4 more messages and 4 more phone calls throughout today, asking for status updates. I’m trying to be as generous as I can, I threw in the edgefinder, the extra 1/4” collet, kicked in for shipping, didn’t hold you to paying the $50 of PayPal fees like I said in the ad, and drove it between two cities to find the cheapest shipping option for ya. And I don’t mind all that, I’m glad it’s going to someone who will finally put it to good use, but these are also the busiest few weeks of the year for me, I’m not sitting around by a phone & internet all day, so you’ll really need to click that link and track the package yourself when you want to track it. Here it is again:

Thanks, no hard feelings & I hope this puts your mind at ease.


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